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Steve and Carmen Lance!

Your Phoenix Arizona West Valley Realtors. They service every city in the Phoenix Metro area.

Their time in the Real Estate industry and the amount of transactions they close per year shows determination and strength of character under pressure.

They’re the type of Realtors you need. Realtors that will fight for you and your rights as a seller or buyer. As your seller’s agent, their job is to get you the most amount of money for your home. As your Buyers agent their job is to negotiate a lower price for you, or seller paid closings costs and sometimes both.

 Steve and Carmen are Realtors who will walk you through the entire process once an offer is accepted. Putting a sign out front and getting your home on the MLS is the easy part. Showing homes all day is the easy part.  Its all the negotiations during the middle of your transaction that takes skill. Steve and Carmen keep all the parts of your transaction moving from the minute an offer is accepted all the way to the day of close. They represent you with the lenders, title, vendors if needed and the cross Realtor! You are on their calendar! The timeline begins and they keep everything moving smoothly and with limited stress.  

                 That’s why you HIRE THE LANCE TEAM!